Thanks for your interest in a commissioned piece by Morley!


•   COST?

Commissions start at $600  for an 18x18 inch canvas. Prices go up as the size of the commission increases, so the bigger the canvas, the more expensive. He can do pieces smaller than 18x18 inches but the minimum price for a commission is still $600. Why so expensive? Because ordering a hand-painted, one-of-a-kind piece specific to your desires comes at a premium that is more expensive than simply buying a piece at a gallery.


Sorry, but Morley can't make a special birthday/anniversary/sympathy card, drawing or otherwise unique gift for you or your loved one. He wishes he could, he just doesn't have time for all the requests he gets.


Morley doesn't make commissioned screen prints or posters. The print process is one that becomes affordable only as you make multiple copies, to make only one screen print is actually pretty expensive and time consuming.


If the prints that are sold through the vendors Morley sells his screen prints with are sold out, unfortunately,

they truly are sold out. He does not have a stash of his own for sale.


Morley does not sell the printed posters he puts on the street as they are low quality printer paper meant for the short lifespan of the streets.


The commission price does not include the cost of shipment, which you will also cover, unless you live in the Los Angeles area in which case, there is no shipping cost and you and Morley can meet at a decided location and make an exchange.

•   TEXT?

Morley only paints pieces containing his own phrases- meaning he won't paint a phrase that someone else came up with, even if it's something special or an inside joke. Sorry.


Have a specific surface or material you want Morley to paint on (wood, metal, found objects)?

He's happy to give it a shot depending on what you want.


Morley paints his work with black oil-paint marker. The background of a piece can be any color you'd like.


Once you've committed to the commission, you will need to send a 20% deposit (via PayPal) to Morley to cover the cost of materials (canvas, paints, etc). This is non-refundable (as the materials, once used will not be returnable for Morley).


Before Morley mails off or delivers your piece, he will send you a photo of it. Once you approve it, we will get a quote on shipping cost. At that point, you will (via PayPal) send the remaining 80% of the price as well as the cost to ship the piece. Once we receive this, we will mail off the piece. It will be professionally packed and shipped with insurance and tracking so as to insure a safe arrival. This tracking number will be sent to you as well so that you may track the piece as it travels.


Once the art reaches you, if you are unhappy with it or change you mind, you must (at your own expense) mail back the piece within 30 days of receiving the piece. We recommend mailing it with a tracking number. If we never receive the piece and you do not have a tracking number, we have no way of tracking the piece down. Upon receiving the piece, we will refund 75% of the cost of the piece to you (via PayPal).

If you are still interested in commissioning a piece, please send the piece you'd like and the size you are interested in to
MORLEYARTSALES(at)GMAIL(dot)COM and he will send you back a quote at his earliest convenience.