Low Battery

So I tried to put this one up yesterday and just as I parked it started to suddenly pour rain. Pasting in the rain is difficult as soaking wet paper starts to break down in your hands pretty quick. So I came back today to fix it- while I was doing so, a man jumped out and yelled "HA! I CAUGHT YOU!" which frightened me not only because I was startled, but also because I didn't know if he was gonna tackle me until police arrived. Instead he introduced himself and said he was the building owner. He said he really liked the pieces I was putting up. He said I could put up stuff whenever I wanted. I thanked him and we shook hands. It's always nice when people with the power to get you thrown in jail end up shaking your hand. As for the poster- the message is for anyone who can relate to running out of steam with the state of the world, with frustrations big and small. For those people- I feel ya. But we'll recharge and head back out there. I put this piece out in the past and someone left a note that said "I love you enough to lend you my charger." Indeed my friend. We're in this together.