Permission Granted

So I was contacted a while back by Design Spillz who were doing a project called The Power of Art Los Angeles and they were given permission to ask artists to create artwork on specific electrical boxes across LA. I did mine a while back and- through some snafu on the city's part, it was almost immediately buffed. So I was given a new location to put up the same art and I did so, but this time I decided to set my phone up and film me doing my thing. I even caught a moment when some police tried to stop me... but thanks to my trusty letter of permission from the city, they had no choice but to let me do my thing- even congratulating me. I felt untouchable and drunk with power. I felt the way I imagine mob bosses and crooked judges feel- though that usually ends with a hail of bullets or a prostitution scandal so- maybe I should just dial it back a bit. Anyway, here's the video!