Vroom Vroom

Living in a place like Los Angeles, it’s easy to accumulate a large group of talented friends and family. I don’t just mean talented in the that “junior-high-talent-show, everyone-gets-a-ribbon-for-participating” kind of talented. I mean the kind of talent that inspires you, makes you proud just to know them, and also, enrages you at the fact that there aren’t millions of people appreciating their talent. Sometimes it can be depressing- because while you’re own talent is always negotiable in your mind, knowing that your talented friends are so objectively brilliant and the world has yet to celebrate them can feel like a massive injustice along the lines of famine and the canceling of My So-Called Life. And you think “if they can’t make it, how would someone like me, who is lucky to even KNOW them have a chance at any kind of success?” As though success is one of those lines that form before a movie and you start doing the math of how crappy your seats will be based on how many people will file in before you, you think- “This person has to become successful, because if they’re not- then it’ll never be my turn!” I know actors, musicians, artists, comedians, dancers, make-up artists, writers, poets, performance artists- the list goes on and on. Each of them has such incredible and unique talent. This poster comes from the idea of feeling this potential in your bones, feeling like if you just got the chance- you could really blast off and use all that creativity that’s just been sitting dormant inside you. Of course there are ways to let it out- my posters are my release of creativity and expression- but for so many, it’s the desire to know that people are listening. I just want others to appreciate how amazing my talented friends are. I keep hope that one day, they will all be given the chance to shine as brightly as they deserve to- but maybe the real truth is that they ALWAYS have been shining, I just want to world to turn around and see it. I want my friends- really I want this for all of us- to finally to shift into drive and put the pedal to the metal. Probably while blasting some AC/DC song, because I think those race cars are only allowed to play the Back In Black album. It’s like a safety regulation or something.