Please Hold

This piece includes an interactive sound element! I picked up this motion activated speaker and recorded an automated system telling me to "please remain on the line." Now whenever someone walks past the piece, a little voice can be heard. As for the meaning of the piece, it's about those seasons in life when you just feel like life is on hold- when you're waiting for some specific aspect of life to change so it can move forward, or you're waiting for some confirmation from your instincts or from God or the universe, it can have that same feeling of tedium as when you're waiting to speak to a person on the phone who can fix a problem. I imagine we've all been there at some point. Some, I hope, have had mercifully short spans of this. Some may be in the midst of that kind of season right now. I always just remind myself that the most important thing is to always be grateful and live in the present and know that eventually that awful "hold-muzak" will end.