Bones & Hearts

There has been a debated concept that a broken bone, once healed, is actually stronger than it was before. I did a bit of research and found this quote by Dr. Tim Skerry: "As bones heal, a sort of cuff of new bone forms around the fracture. So when that's healed and stuck together, the clinical union, which is a few weeks after it’s broken, there’s actually a big thick load of bone where the fracture was, so that would be stronger than the original bone. But over time, that thick piece will remodel away." For me, the poetic nature of this reminds me of heartbreak- after you suffer, it makes you stronger, for a time. Your resolve deepens, you discover who you are through the trial. Eventually though, you have to go back to being vulnerable. Because to truly love again you have to either knowingly put down your guard or just suddenly discover that you are at risk again. I think the difference is how long that process takes for each person. I say take the leap. Love again. You may actually find that sometimes being weak is the best part.