LA Events!

Here's me right before the LAB ART release party. It's hard to tell from looking at me, but I'm hoping this won't be like when you see Lou Ferrigno or the guy that played "Sex Machine" in From Dusk til Dawn at a comic convention sitting all alone next to a stack of $20 head shots. Shockingly we wound up selling 70 books and even more of you guys came with your pre-ordered books!

Here's a few pics from the LA events. I've honestly been blown away from the response I've gotten from everyone who came out. At each event I genuinely thought that not many people would show up- and each one you guys blew my expectations. All I can say is "wow" and "thank you" and "are you sure I don't just owe you money or something?" 

Super big thanks to my special guests Fred Savage and David Nadelberg for the kind words and great questions. I've admired you both for a while and getting to associate myself with you was an honor and a privilege. 

Chatting with Fred Savage at Skylight. The answer to your question is: Yes I did have to consciously tell myself to not mention the Powerglove as I am sure he has heard every quote from The Wizard a billion times.

Yacking it up with MORTIFIED creator David Nadelberg at Book Soup. My favorite quote of the night was when he said that Zorro was like the first street artist. Too perfect.