Promises, Promises.

I found this old dresser on the side of the road and threw it in my car to leave at a more trafficked area. Upon pasting this poster and setting it on this curb, a man who claimed to be with the neighborhood watch asked me what I was doing.
"Just leaving this to be picked up by the trash" I replied. 
"Does the trash pick this stuff up?" he asked.
"Sure. Or someone else will take it for themselves."
"And if no one does, will you take care of it?"
"Sure." I said.
"Y-yeah." I mumbled, sheepishly. "I promise."

It was never once mentioned that this had a large poster with an illustrated version of me pasted on it, which seemed strange. He had no interest in that aspect of the dresser, only that it would sit there too long. Luckily, by the next day someone had swiped it. Whether it was the trash men, someone who needed a broken dresser or a fan interested in the poster, I'll never know.