Someone always playing corporation games

"We Built This City" seems to be a song that lives in the paradoxical position of being loved ironically while at the same time  unironically in my mind. I can find myself genuinely enjoying and singing along with it one moment and then- wondering  how a song so silly could actually exist without ripping the very fabric of space and time. The answer to that question is that the song has powers. Dark powers. Listen to it and prepare to plummet into a spiral of madness and 80s keyboards.

I wanted to take the notion of building a city on equal parts rebellion and idealism- but removing both and being left with a muted, corporate, tame version. Like non-alcoholic beer, it seems to remove the very purpose of creating it in the first place. It's like focus grouping punk rock. As much as I love Los Angeles, often times Hollywood seems to do exactly that. You can put something original and bold through the Hollywood system and it comes out the other side as a vacuous piece of commercialism. The value of which is determined solely by how much money it made at the box-office or how many sequels it spawned. It's up to the people in this city to stand for some kind of authenticity in their lives and in their art. I hope that this poster is a reminder of that. Or at the very least reminds them how great and at the exact same time terrible "We Built This City" is and forever will be.