So long 2014!

As the saying goes in A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Looking back at what 2014 held, there’s been a lot of monumental moments. It was a year of accomplishments that I’m super proud of, new friends, new chapters, fresh starts and memories I’ll hold close for a long, long time. On the other hand, it’s also been one of the most challenging years of my life. Close to the start of it, my wife and I suffered a miscarriage for what would have been our first child. It wasn’t planned but we were excited nonetheless. I wish I could say that the disappointment didn’t dampen the rest of the year but it did. I don’t say this in hopes of receiving sympathetic words, and honestly I’ve neglected mentioning it to avoid such a well-meaning but uncomfortable exchange. I bring it up now because I know a lot of you guys have had tough years too. Many of you have suffered blows I cannot imagine and are still recovering from them. While I’m right there with you in wanting to just say “so long 2014 and good riddance, you lousy bastard!”, I know that there are many things about this year we should hang on to. Not just the pleasant experiences but the lessons we’ve acquired from the unpleasant ones. That said, there’s a hell of a lot of emotional crap to jettison and I for one am happy to lighten the load a bit for 2015. I hope you’ll join me. Happy New Years, friends. To a better, brighter world. I wish you a hope that infects even the darkest parts of your heart. And mine too. Cheers.