Skate & Create

I took part in an awesome show called SKATE & CREATE at the Flower Pepper Gallery! A TON of amazing artists had custom skateboard decks on display! This is a photo of me holding mine. It's called "How I Know I'm Alive." The show was curated by G. James Daichendt (author of Stay Up! And Shepard Fairey Inc.) and is rad to the nth degree.

Here's the description...
"The skateboard culture of Southern California played a seminal role in the early influences of many graffiti and street artists. The growth of the sport, or anti-sport, along with its strong visual component, represented a renegade vigilante attitude, like punk and while every skater was not a criminal, the graphics on the boards often abused copyright or represented darker and more anti-authoritarian attitudes. This exhibition of street art and street inspired graphics symbolizes these rich origins and pushes forward a new generation of sleek, cool, fun, and taboo imagery on skate decks that epitomizes both sub-cultures."

It's running until October 3rd. Check it out! 121 E Union St, Pasadena, CA 91103. For more info visit!