In life, sometimes we can find ourselves defined by the things that we keep hidden. The secret shame, the unspoken regret, the unhealthy habit, the hidden wound. These are the things that when kept quiet can slowly eat at us and take us apart piece by piece. Sometimes the fear of revealing one's self can be the fear of a genuine consequence. People may respond negatively. However, often, people keep secrets because of a perceived consequence, they worry that people will judge them but in truth, it's something others relate to and could offer a relief from their burden. Sometimes we keep secrets because deep down we know that by revealing them, we would have to confront something and therefore have to change. To me, a REAL friend or partner is someone who let's you know that they are not afraid to love you, despite what your secrets are. Despite the things that you've lived a life ashamed of or embarrassed by. The person who wants to know the person you really are, not the person you want people to think you are. It takes a lot of courage to lower your armor. It takes a lot of strength to admit one's weakness. But when you find those people in your life who allow you to shed the secrets that weigh you down, it's a freedom in discovering that someone thinks you're pretty, even without the makeup.