Just Because

Sample questions to which "just because" is the appropriate answer. 
1. Why are you wearing your Spider-Man Halloween costume in June?
2. Why do you have to sing along impassionately with every Hall & Oates song you hear, even if it's in line to pay at Costco?
3. Why do you get so many nose bleeds at inopportune times?
4. Why is it a vital necessity to finish an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's once you've opened it?
5. Why do you like listening to your cat drinking water so much?
6. Why do you know every lyric to the song "Save the Best For Last" by Vanessa Williams?
7. Why do you have to fight the urge to drive home rather than use someone else's bathroom at a dinner party?
8. Why does it matter so much who would win in a fight between two fictional characters?
The list goes on.