September 10th was national World Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide prevention is a cause that means a lot to me. A lot of my work centers around acting as a friendly voice of encouragement to those on the brink of giving up. The goal has always been to remind people that there is always hope. It may seem meager and timid to the darkness, but hope is real and it's birthed in every second, every breath, every opening of the eyes. The writer, Rebecca Solnit wrote "Hope is not a lottery ticket you can sit on the sofa and clutch, feeling lucky. It is an axe you break down doors with in an emergency. Hope should shove you out the door, because it will take everything you have to steer the future away from endless war, from the annihilation of the earth's treasures and the grinding down of the poor and marginal... To hope is to give yourself to the future - and that commitment to the future is what makes the present inhabitable." What a beautiful sentiment. Remember those words in the moments that you feel like giving up. And when you cannot, reach out. Ask for help. There's no shame in it, there's no reason to be self-conscious. We just need help sometimes. It doesn't make you weak, it makes you human. So if you need someone to talk to, you can visit ImAlive.org where you can chat with someone who wants to hear you. Who's ready to listen and help you up.