Too often in life we find ourselves saying "not quite yet" or "I'm waiting until the moment presents itself." Being wise with one's decisions is important, and yet, I truly believe that there are times when we must take the leap without the knowledge that these wings of ours work. It's as though something is waiting for us to find the courage to risk our comfort before we are worthy enough to receive what we're looking for. We can claim that we just want to be sure that if our wings fail us, that there is a safety-net below, but it's as though the more you want something, the higher you are and the more difficult it is to see the net- or be sure that it isn't just gonna rip anyway. I say jump- because there will NEVER be a net- if you're lucky there will be a few people there, arms outstretched, ready to catch you- but just as likely, ready to watch you soar. I know it's kind of a cheesy analogy (any analogy with the word "soar" usually is) but it's the best I could do.