Four More Years!

July 11th was the four year anniversary of being married to my wife. For most of my life I've wished that I possessed a skill that I could show off and impress people with. Something physical that people could watch. Skateboarding, music, basketball, cooking maybe. Pinball even, air-hockey- that kind of thing. But some how I've never found such a skill that was a performance of sorts. The kind of thing that when someone watches they just go "wow, that is special!" Because ability and confidence on display is attractive and people just innately want to be around people that posses such qualities. Thus far though, I've never found anything that I was preternaturally good at. I'm okay at music, basketball and pinball but nothing impressive. My street art is something I've found some level of success in over the last few years and while it may not be impressive to watch, I do find a level of confidence in knowing it's made some small difference in a few people's lives. This poster was created to reflect the desire I have to make the people in my life (my lovely wife included) proud of me and that in doing so, perhaps I can be proud of myself. Then maybe it won't sting as much when that little air-hockey puck slips past me with that sickening "clack" sound. I hate that sound.