I'm as guilty as anyone in falling for the lie of forever. This lie comes in all shapes and sizes but for me, it's most deceptive form is that of the notion of building a legacy that grants immortality. The idea that if you can just be "one of the greats" that it will somehow give your life meaning and a purpose that just living well ever could. As I've grown up, I've become more aware of this trap. Because you'll never be great enough. And none of your accomplishments will last forever. The entire history of the human race is merely a blip when looked at from a distance and to spend our lives trying desperately to be remembered for our accomplishments is futile and unsatisfying if you're sacrificing the time you have on earth in aid of it. The text in this poster is "built" out of bricks to symbolize the monuments we build that are bound to fall or crumble into ruins given enough time. Instead of chasing immortality through works- chase healthy relationships and simple kindness to those around you. It may not get you in a history book- but you'd be surprised how much of an effect you'll actually have on this world.