Often times I find that NOT making a decision or deliberating a risk towards a positive change in my life actually IS the decision. It's a choice for stagnancy which can lead to the decision being made for you. You put off picking which school you want to go to, whether you want to commit to a relationship with someone, whether you want to take a job offered to you or whether you should stop doing something destructive in your life because it's hard or maybe just because if you can just wait a little longer, the perfect solution will simply present itself. We are so terrified of making the wrong choice that we let the choice slip out of our hands. You miss the deadline, the person gets tired of waiting for you to commit or gets insulted that the choice is even difficult, the job offer goes away or your self destructive behavior suddenly carries consequences you weren't prepared for. Even with small things. For example, I always hate when I can't pick what I want to order at a busy restaurant- and the waiter says "I'll give you a minute" only to leave for twenty minutes to attend his many other tables- full of people who know what they want. The truth is, sometimes the punishment for being indecisive is worse than the punishment for making the wrong decision. I know I always regret looking back at my own inaction far more than I regret making the action taken being the lesser of the two. We should consider momentum. Maybe it's not as hard to adjust and shift towards a goal or destination if you've at least gotten moving than if you're stuck in a paralysis of fear. This all sounds very "self help-y" or "motivational speaker-talk" which is not exactly something I aim for with these posts, I just find that a quality my generation could use a bit more of (and I include myself in this) is decisiveness. Not only is it an attractive quality to others, I find that making a decision with resolve is more empowering than even knowing with absolute certainty that it was the right one.