Had a blast in Michigan! Here's a video that sums up the experience with the pieces I left of the streets of Detroit and Lansing. 

Joy Baldwin, Alice Brinkman, Joseph C. Krause, Elizabeth Conley, and REACH Studio Art Center for all the support!


Permission Granted

So I was contacted a while back by Design Spillz who were doing a project called The Power of Art Los Angeles and they were given permission to ask artists to create artwork on specific electrical boxes across LA. I did mine a while back and- through some snafu on the city's part, it was almost immediately buffed. So I was given a new location to put up the same art and I did so, but this time I decided to set my phone up and film me doing my thing. I even caught a moment when some police tried to stop me... but thanks to my trusty letter of permission from the city, they had no choice but to let me do my thing- even congratulating me. I felt untouchable and drunk with power. I felt the way I imagine mob bosses and crooked judges feel- though that usually ends with a hail of bullets or a prostitution scandal so- maybe I should just dial it back a bit. Anyway, here's the video!

Brick By Brick

The good people of Ryot.org have a great series called Brick by Brick which I contributed to. Here is the accompanying video they made!

Here's what they have to say:

"RYOT’s Original Series ‘Brick By Brick’ highlights a different artist every week by providing each artist with a blank cinder block canvas as the artists creatively express their voice while challenging themselves as they adapt to a different art-form.

This week features Morley, a street artist who specializes in pasting up humorous, but hopeful typographic posters on walls throughout the world. He stopped by to talk about why he does what he does, and how our ambition usually results in heartbreak."

The Chalkboard Wall Project

On Sunday, May 3rd - 2015, I went to Carlsbad, CA, where I was invited to make a mural. I decided to the wall into a giant chalkboard that said: "IF I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW" and encouraged people to use the wall as a sort of "creative time machine" where they could write messages to their younger selves. I explained that they can be silly jokes, lessons you’ve learned, warnings of mistakes you wish you could have avoided or things that would have given the younger you some relief. 

I was there to hang out and hand out free stickers- and as a bonus- there was a scavenger hunt! The scavenger hunt continued the theme of messages and time and involved fortune cookies that I had made. Inside the cookies was the message "You Will Be Mighty." This message was directed to the future, instead of the past. The cookies were hidden in the general area of the wall.

To those who lived far away or otherwise could not make it out, I asked to e-mail me there message to me and that I would write their message on the wall for the. 

It was an awesome experience and I hope for the next month (until the next artist takes over the wall) that it will continue to evolve and act as a source of hard earned wisdom for all who see it.