'Cause this is Thriller- Thriller Night!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This pumpkin was carved by the frighteningly talented Will Teran. That is some serious skill!

Have fun tonight, be safe and only take one piece of candy from the houses that leave the bowl in front of their doors - sharing is caring people. Unless the bowl has full size Kit Kat bars, in which case, all bets are off. It's like that movie The Purge. Total anarchy is acceptable if someone leaves a bowl of full size Kit Kats and a note saying "please take one" because they should know I'm only human.


I'm as guilty as anyone in falling for the lie of forever. This lie comes in all shapes and sizes but for me, it's most deceptive form is that of the notion of building a legacy that grants immortality. The idea that if you can just be "one of the greats" that it will somehow give your life meaning and a purpose that just living well ever could. As I've grown up, I've become more aware of this trap. Because you'll never be great enough. And none of your accomplishments will last forever. The entire history of the human race is merely a blip when looked at from a distance and to spend our lives trying desperately to be remembered for our accomplishments is futile and unsatisfying if you're sacrificing the time you have on earth in aid of it. The text in this poster is "built" out of bricks to symbolize the monuments we build that are bound to fall or crumble into ruins given enough time. Instead of chasing immortality through works- chase healthy relationships and simple kindness to those around you. It may not get you in a history book- but you'd be surprised how much of an effect you'll actually have on this world.

A Gray Twilight

"Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat."

- Theodore Roosevelt

True beauty is proven by flaws.

It's so easy to fall into the trap of striving for conformity. To yearn to fit in and be like everyone else. To try to convince enough people that you aren't flawed. You can spend a lifetime fighting to hide the imperfections that would trick enough people into thinking you aren't a unique person and instead, simply a cardboard cut out with a fake smile and a vacant, soulless stare. I say stop fighting that which makes you different, that which exposes to people you're more than a drearily perfect person. You might discover that what you perceived as flaws are actually just pieces of your humanity peeking through.


A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of being followed around by filmmaker Andrew Nixon and his super talented crew. They asked me to be the subject of an episode of a series they were shooting for AOL called "Vicariously" and here it is! Thanks to the many people who worked on this- especially the editor for cutting out my endless ramblings of a future in which we can build a machine that allows our pets to talk. (NOTE: They would most likely just berate us for the lack of food variety we offer them). CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

A War Cry

Sometimes weathering a storm is a victory all its own. This is a simple phrase and the most important word in it is "but" because it means there is something that comes before it. I wanted it to be a war cry of solidarity between myself and the viewer.
"She broke my heart" but we're still here.
"I've faced countless rejections while chasing my dream" but we're still here.
"I've overcome an addiction or debilitating depression" but we're still here.
It could be anything. What's most important to remember is that you're still here, I'm still here, we're still here. I'll toast to that.

Whitehouse Projects

I'm taking part in a charity auction for Whitehouse Projects to benefit a great local charity: Homeboy Industries which helps provide services to former gang members for job training. On November 1st, after the show ends, if my piece (not the one from this picture) doesn't sell- it will be painted over with white so this will be the only chance ever to get the piece from this show. There will be other amazing artists, some live painting and all for a good cause! See you there!

A broken-winged bird that cannot fly

“Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly, Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams go, Life is a barren field, Frozen with snow”

- Langston Hughes

X Marks The Spot.

At the end of the jagged trail of a scar, you'll find it leads to the realest parts of who you are. The battle scars of a life you've survived. That have left you stronger. Wiser. That have left you with the knowledge of just what you are capable of taking. Of enduring. These are the reminders that our past is real. That it wasn't all just a figment of our imagination. They are the physical proof that the healing our bodies experienced was just as real as the pain. We are our scars. Our days weathered. Our hearts broken and stitched and broken stitched and broken and stitched. Scars are the winding path that leads to the treasure that is you. 

This Old House

It's a wonderful thing when someone finds potential in you that you didn't know was there. It's even better when you discover in yourself the ability to prove them right. This piece is for those who love us for the people we are now as well as the people we may one day be and are willing to make the journey between the two along side us.

Sounds Good

I was asked by Sound Nightclub to cover one of their walls with a poster. Once I put this up, I covered it with glow in the dark paint. One note of caution, if you're tripping hard to some intense EDM, the painting MAY COME TO LIFE! But don't worry, Morley probably just wants to play "Magic: The Gathering" with you.

The Atomic Swag Pile

Wanna hear a podcast I was on? Oh good! Because I was JUST ABOUT to post a link to one I was featured on! The timing is crazy! It's almost like... were you just reading my mind? STOP READING MY MIND!!


Whether times are good or bad, happy or sad.

The story of this spot is that I was parking at a meter in front of it to put a piece in another location only to have my landlord surprise me by running out and saying hi. I guess she works there. She asked if I would put up a piece on their wall. I agreed. About two weeks later she said that the owner was so happy that people were taking pictures of his shop that he'd love if I put up another piece. I offered my poster which said "I love you like a '90s R&B song" and my landlord said "oh but can it say '70s?" (She's a bit older). I acquiesced as there are a million great '70s r&b songs too.
Personal favorite? "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green.

One Kind Heart

We live in a culture obsessed with a fairly slim definition of physical beauty. The trap we find ourselves in however, is that physical beauty fades- we can tuck and implant and lift and contort all we want but our bodies will always be slaves to our failing skin cells. Simple kindness however has no expiration date and of the two, provides far more satisfying dividends. Aspire to kindness. It's a beautiful thing.


We all seem to be waiting for something. For the sown seeds of our dreams to bare fruit. To discover that special someone who is like a missing puzzle piece. That day to arrive when we can finally find some comfort in our own skin. Then again, maybe it's more simple- maybe we're just waiting for a bus. With each moment we can build resolve, we can prepare ourselves so that when the moment comes we're ready to seize it. Don't miss the bus people.

Pop Up Broadway!

My biggest piece yet. 48 feet wide and 8 feet high. I was asked to design something for this temp wall by the good folks at Pop Up Broadway and with some assistance from my wife, put it up!

Space 15 Twenty

The show last night at Space 15 Twenty was a blast! Thanks to everyone who made it out! It was an honor to share some walls with Septerhed, Ginoflo and Phobik!



"Alas for those that never sing, But die with all their music in them."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes


Good luck on your journey. When you get there I'm told that the water tastes amazing not because it's somehow special or magical, but because it was earned with each step into the perilous. Earned water always tastes the best. But beware, it's just a fountain, it's not the ending. Even once you've found greatness, there's still more journey to go. Life isn't just the pursuit of greatness and you might be disappointed by the fleeting satisfaction when you find out there's more miles to trek. Only this time, it's harder to see what else lies ahead.

I sound like the knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.