Low Battery

So I tried to put this one up yesterday and just as I parked it started to suddenly pour rain. Pasting in the rain is difficult as soaking wet paper starts to break down in your hands pretty quick. So I came back today to fix it- while I was doing so, a man jumped out and yelled "HA! I CAUGHT YOU!" which frightened me not only because I was startled, but also because I didn't know if he was gonna tackle me until police arrived. Instead he introduced himself and said he was the building owner. He said he really liked the pieces I was putting up. He said I could put up stuff whenever I wanted. I thanked him and we shook hands. It's always nice when people with the power to get you thrown in jail end up shaking your hand. As for the poster- the message is for anyone who can relate to running out of steam with the state of the world, with frustrations big and small. For those people- I feel ya. But we'll recharge and head back out there. I put this piece out in the past and someone left a note that said "I love you enough to lend you my charger." Indeed my friend. We're in this together.

The Big Hundred

I was asked by TheBigHundred.com to create a piece of art that would encourage positive, practical activism during the first hundred days of the current administration. I decided to create a piece of art that would encourage people to support GLSEN, which is an organization that helps improve a K-12 education system that too frequently allows its LGBTQ students to be bullied, discriminated against, or fall through the cracks. I stand in solidarity and love with those who have faced hardships for who they are and encourage you to as well. For me, this piece is about using love in an active- instead of passive- way. Love can be a tool, love can be a weapon. Love can cure despair, discrimination and defeat. Hope and tolerance may lose the battle from time to time but with enough love, they will win the war. Visit GLSEN.org to see how you can help and visit thebighundred.com for more inspiration!


My teenage years were spent making unrealistic declarations and vows about a future that I always intended to keep. Love I swore would last forever, ambition I swore would carry me to unimaginable heights. Grudges and vows of articulate revenge in every award acceptance speech I would one day expectorate. But we grow and and our hearts expand and transform. Circumstance alters even our most vehement pledge. I miss the passionate naïveté it takes to assume that an emotion you have is the way you'll feel over decades and decades but I see it now more clearly as the folly of youth. It's vital to adapt and grow wiser over time but it's also an important part of childhood to throw your arms around forever and think you really understand exactly what it is.